Mission, Vision and Integrated Management System Policy

ULJANIK Brodogradnja 1856 d.o.o., based on rich tradition and constant development of its orientation, connecting its clients with its own professional, work and infrastructural potential as well as the potential of its environs, makes a lasting contribution to the well-being of the community.

Through the development of human resources, training and education of its employees, it raises the level of its overall competencies, thus guaranteeing a high level of quality of its products.

Respecting value systems by respecting employees, their competencies and their dignity creates an attractive employer with optimal working conditions.

It lives in harmony with the city's environment by participating in valorising the value of cultural and natural heritage. It continuously deepens the awareness of employees for preserving the value of the environment and meeting legislative requirements for environmental protection.

ULJANIK Brodogradnja 1856 d.o.o. is a shipyard for the design and construction of ships, other navigable and metal structures adaptable to market requirements. In doing so, it develops excellent business relationships with customers and other business partners with a business that enables constant development and growth, to the satisfaction of its owners, employees and the community.

Cooperation with the customer based on partnership and trust, understanding and respect for his needs, with joint creation of the most favourable solutions, and consistent adherence to the agreed business relationship, which will result in delivery of products on time, according to the agreed quality and the best ratio between the new value and invested capital.

Developing professional and partnership relations with state and societal institutions, employees and business partners, based on respect for the law, business customs and business ethics.

Promoting the personal development of our employees, while applying practical measures to prevent, control and protect against activities that could potentially pose hazards to health and safety at work.

Application and continual improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management system which, with continuous development and improvement of technology and business - production processes, respecting the legality of nature and environmental conservation as well as reasonable spending of its resources for the benefit of present and future generations. Through education and training ensure the awareness and the ability of employees to maintain safety at work at a satisfactory level.