Keel for Newbuilding 512 was laid on slipway no. 2

Last Friday (24th July) the keel for the a partly outfitted hull for a self-propelled cutter suction dredger which Uljanik shipyard is constructing for the company IHC Holland B.V. was laid on the slipway.

In addition to the representatives of ULJANIK shipyard, the keel laying was also attended by numerous shipowner's representatives. The Contract was signed at the end of February of last year, and the vessel that is going to be constructed is 152 meters long, 28 meters wide and 8.9 meters high. The bearing deadweight of 2,650 tonnes will be reached at a draught of 6 meters, while the upper sailing speed will be 11.5 knots. Three main engines MAN 6L48/60 each having a power 7200 kW will be mounted in the Vessel.

Launching of Yard 510 (13173) – LPG barge

On 17th July 2015 Yard 510 – a LPG (liquid petroleum gas) barge for the transportation of liquefied gas constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the shipyard 3. MAJ, i.e. for the Swedish company Wisby Tankers AB, was launched into the sea.

The godmother at the launching was Mrs. Gracijela Sponza, Senior Purchasing Officer of the Purchasing Department of ULJANIK Shipyard, who, with the cutting of the rope, launched the barge into the sea. On this occasion Mrs. Sponza, who has been working in Uljanik for 39 years, thanked Wisby Tankers AB and ULJANIK Shipyard for the trust shown and the opportunity given to her to take part in this significant moment when the craft and the sea touched for the first time. “The honor that has been given to me has made me immeasurably proud. This day will remain with me forever,” said Mrs Sponza on the occasion.