On 13th January 2015 two new river barges (PN 13130 i 13131) for the river transportation of crude petroleum and petroleum products were launched in the shipyard 3. MAJ. Both barges have identical characteristics; 59.5 m long, 16 m wide and with a total height of 4.6 m. The barges were constructed by 3. MAJ for the Swedish company WISBY TANKERS AB. The load bearing capacity of the barges is 2500 tonnes and they will be served by special pushers. The godmother at the launching was Mrs. Nataša Orešković Černe, a senior official of the Purchasing Department, who launched both barges into the sea with the cutting of the ropes.

On 25th January 2014, Yard 503 constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the Croatian national shipping company was launched into the sea from slipway number one.

This is the first of a series of four identical Ro-Ro passenger vessels designed for two-way direct sailing for the transportation of 600 passengers in summer months or 320 passengers in the winter period in the closed lounge. The ferries will also be able to transport 145 standard vehicles or 16 trailers of 40 tonnes each.

In addition to leading people from Uljanik and Jadrolinija, the Deputy of the Minister for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Zdenko Antešić, was also present. Mr. Antešić stressed the importance of collaboration between the shipyard of Pula and the national shipping company.

On 23 December 2013 ULJANIK Shipyard delivered to the Russian Company CJSC „Taurus“ from Murmansk yard 493 „Taurus“. This is a vessel intended for fisheries, i.e. stern trawl, and in accordance with that the vessel is equipped with facilities for the processing, packing, freezing, and warehousing of caught fish. The delivery documents were signed by Yury Parshev, Director of the company CJSC „Taurus“ and Eduard Milovan, Director of ULJANIK Shipyard.

The ship is 63.85 m long, 13.5 m wide and will be driven by an engine having a power 4,500 kW and is one of the most well-equipped vessels of this type in Europe and the only one to date constructed in Croatia. The daily capacity of catch and processing of fish corresponds to one hundred tonnes, while the fish (codfish) after being caught are frozen, filleted, canned while the fish liver is separated and canned separately. The vessel will be exploited during the entire year, with the crew comprising of 44 members.