The delivery ceremony of yard 507 „Isaac Newton“, a sophisticated multipurpose vessel for a range of specific marine tasks and built by Uljanik shipyard for the Luxembourg Company Sofidra S.A., was held in Uljanik on 27th November 2015. This vessel has a length of 138 m and width of 32 m, deadweight of 13,436 tonnes and is equipped for the laying of cables on the sea floor and covering the channels on the sea floor in which the cables are laid. The ship may also be used for the transport of cargo on the open deck, for example wind turbine or may be used as a working platform for construction tasks, undersea or offshore projects, and for this purpose the ship is equipped with two deck cranes for undersea works. With the contracting of this ship, Uljanik has confirmed the trust shown by Jan De Nul Group, one of the leading companies in the area of dredging and complex marine, undersea and offshore works.

The ceremony of christening and delivery of the newly constructed Ro-Ro passenger vessel „Mljet“, constructed as Yard 506 by ULJANIK Brodogradilište for the Croatian national shipping company Jadrolinija, took place in Rijeka on 14th November 2014. This is the fourth and last of a series of four identical Ro-Ro passenger vessels designed for two-way direct sailing for the transportation of 616 passengers in the summer months or 322 passengers in the winter period in the closed lounge. The ferries will also be able to transport 145 standard vehicles or 16 trailers of 40 tonnes each.

With the delivery of “Mljet” the project valued at 32 million euro, which represents the value of the investment in the project of construction of four ferries for local ferry lines, has been successfully completed. By including the ferry “Mljet” in the fleet, Jadrolinija has completed one phase in the modernization of its fleet which will certainly increase the efficiency of business and improve the competitiveness of the company as well as improve services for the passengers. All of the above will enable Jadrolinija to successfully manage the challenges of the European market in the years to follow.

On Friday 7th November 2014 five river barges (13047, 13048, 13051, 13052 and 13055) for the transport of crude oil and products were delivered in 3.MAJ Shipyard. The barges were constructed by 3.MAJ for the Swedish company Wisby Tankers AB. The delivery of the remaining two barges (13053 and 13054) is foreseen in several days due to tugging from ULJANIK Shipyard.

In Uljanik on 23rd November, Hull No. 492 – “Mirakh”, the second of two contracted Stern Trawls constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the Russian company CJSC “Murmanseld 2” from Murmansk, was launched. This ship has been constructed for fishing purposes, i.e. trawling.

The first lady of the ceremony, the godmother of the ship, was Ms Ljudmila Yurjeva, who, with the traditional cutting of the rope, released the ship into the sea. With leading people from Uljanik, Mr Georgij Mirzoyan, economics advisor at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Croatia, as well as Mr. Jury Zadvorny, President of the company Murmanseld 2.

At the beginning of the ceremony Mr. Eduard Milovan, director of Uljanik Shipyard emphasized, among other things, that Uljanik Shipyard may be satisfied with the job performed and that Uljanik would actively participate in the renewal of the Russian fishing fleet in Murmansk. Milovan at the end thanked the shipowner’s representatives, the Russian Register and Det Norske Veritas for the extraordinary collaboration, as well as all Uljanik workers for the work performed.

ULJANIK Shipyard on 30th October 2012 delivered to the Luxembourg company Jan De Nul S.A. Capellen D.D. Luxembourg yard 496 named «Pedro Alvares Cabral». It is the first of two contracted Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers of 26,000 tonnes deadweight, length 147.6 meters and width 30 meters. The delivery documents were signed by Mr. Walter Dietens, project leader in the Technical Department of JDN Group and Serđo Pajković, manager of the Sales, Project and Calculation Department in ULJANIK Shipyard.

Hoppers are very complex floating objects for the performing of maritime works and are used for suction and transportation of material from the sea bottom. In contrast to the four previously delivered Self Propelled Cutter Suction Dredgers, Uljanik workers have taken upon themselves the entire project and the construction of the ship. Thus, the investment in technology and knowledge that was required for the previously constructed ships (cutters) became an invaluable experience which has now enabled Uljanik to independently build dredgers in their entirety. This approach is in accordance with Uljanik's orientation towards niches of special ships with additional value, as for example ships for the transportation of heavy cargoes or so-called ships for the supply of platforms and anchor manipulations, rescue-at-sea as well as offering aid-at-sea, which Uljanik now can build through its own know-how.

The ship and the working equipment on «Pedro» are driven by two main diesel engines, each having a power of 7200 kW, while the depth from which the material will be sucked lies in the 42-50 meter range. Figuratively, the working characteristics of the ship can be roughly presented in this way: its capacity of 14,000 cubic meters is enough to cover a football pitch to a height of three meters in only one emptying, or for five loadings and unloadings that may be accomplished during the course of one day the football pitch would be covered with blanket of material with a height of 14 meters. As another example such as «beach construction»: with two loadings and unloadings this hopper could cover a beach 1 km long and 30 meters wide with material to a height of 1 meter.

It should be stressed how this shipbuilding project exceeds the shipbuilding framework in the wider region and Uljanik, by constructing and delivering these ships, confirms that it belongs to the small group of global shipyards which could offer to build, or have already built, such a floating object. The very good collaboration with all the shipowner's representatives and their technical teams should be stressed, just as the collaboration with Bureau Veritas inspectors.

This is the fourth delivery in Uljanik this year since during the course of 2012 Uljanik has already delivered a ship for the transportation of bulk cargo as well as two recent transportation ships destined for the Caspian Sea. The contract for the construction of «Pedro Alvares Cabral» was signed in July 2010, while the ship was launched in the middle of February of this current year. After the delivery this ship will sail under the flag of Luxembourg.