On Thursday December 10th, 2015 the ceremony of keel laying for yard 513 took place on slipway number 1.

This is the first of a series of vessels for the transportation of cars and heavy vehicles contracted by ULJANIK Shipyard with the Company AUTO MARINE TRANSPORT INC. The contracted vessel will have 13 decks for the transportation of 7000 vehicles.

In the past week, two barges (PN 13126 and 13127) intended for the transport of crude oil and products by river were launched in the 3.MAJ Brodogradilište shipyard.

The barges were constructed by 3.MAJ Brodogradilište for the Swedish company Wisby Tankers AB. Both barges have the same characteristics, namely 59.5 m in length, 16 m in width and 4.6 m total height. The deadweight is 2500 tonnes, and they will be served by special pushers. The godmother at the launching was Mrs. Vinka Stanić Klausberger, a senior official of the Purchasing Department, who launched both of the ships into the sea with the cutting of the ropes.

After the launching of two barges, the keel for Yard 730 was laid on the first slipway. This represents the first step in the construction of an asphalt tanker of 15,000 tonnes deadweight, length 133 m and width 23 m for a Swedish client. This will actually be the fifth ship and continuation of the series for Wisby Tankers AB. The main propulsion unit will be built in the Motors and Cranes factory.

The last ship delivered in 3.MAJ Brodogradilište was in August 2013 and since then exclusively barges have been built in Rijeka, thus todays laying of the keel of an asphalt tanker is of great significance for 3.MAJ and the ULJANIK Group.

The ceremony of delivery of yard 501 – „Berkarar“, a vessel constructed by Uljanik for the „State Service of Maritime and Rivers Transportation of Turkmenistan“, was organized on 5th December 2014 in Turkmenbashy city located on the coast of the Caspian Sea. This is the first of two contracted ferries intended for the transportation of passengers, trucks and other vehicles on the Caspian Sea.

The contracts for the construction of these vessels were signed in August 2012. The vessels are 155.8 meters in length and 17.5 m wide, with a height of 12,2 meters. The main characteristics of the vessels and mode of loading were designed in accordance with set conditions in force in the harbours of Turkmenistan and all the other harbours of the countries which border on the Caspian Sea. The vessel can accommodate 200 passengers and same is equipped with 30 double and 4 single cabins for passengers, has 170 avio seats and has a crew of 34 members. The ferry can also transport 54 trucks on two closed decks. One interesting fact is that on the roof of the superstructure, for the purpose of rescue, will allow a helicopter of type Sikorsky S-76 to land. Each vessel will be driven by two four-stroke engines, each having power of 3,060 kW with which a sailing speed of 17.6 knots will be achieved.

On 27 November 2014 ULJANIK Shipyard delivered Yard 492, the second fishing vessel (Stern Trawler) which was constructed for the Russian company JSC „Murmanseld 2“ from Murmansk. This is a vessel intended for fisheries, i.e. stern trawl, and in accordance with that the vessel is equipped with facilities for the processing, packing, freezing, and storing of caught fish.

As with the previously constructed stern trawler (Yard 493) many challenges presented themselves to Uljanik's workers since the noted systems are characteristic for fishing vessels which have an integrated plant for processing and packing of fish. The complexity of the integrated system and limitation of space and the project of the ship has during its construction demanded the necessity for changes and adjustments of certain elements in great part due to the wishes of the ship owner which were then effected as per current state on the vessel which as a consequence naturally resulted in a longer time for outfitting of the vessel. It should be stressed that this not a typical shipbuilding practice but the choice of Uljanik to build these complex types of ships required as a consequence certain adjustments and changes in the normal approach to work.

In Uljanik on the 19th December, Hull No. 501 – “Berkarar”, the first of two contracted ferries (Ro-PAX) intended for the transportation of passengers, trucks and other vehicles on the Caspian Sea, and constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the company “State Service of Maritime and River Transportation of Turkmenistan”, was launched from Slipway No.2.

The ship was released into the sea by the traditional cutting of the rope by Mrs. Tea Popovića, head of the Small Pre-assembly Department in Uljanik shipyard. Apart from the senior people of Uljanik Shipyard, Akmammet Puhanov, Deputy of the President of the Commercial Fleet of Turkmenistan, also attended.

The assembled guests were addressed by Eduard Milovan, the Director of Uljanik Shipyard who among other things noted how the ship constructors of Uljanik may be satisfied with the state of the ship which is already at a high level of completeness, and the delivery is planned for the beginning of July of next year. Milovan also thanked the inspectors of the Russian Register of Ships and congratulated all employees of Uljanik for the successfully completed work and the launching of the ship.