In Uljanik, on Saturday 7th March 2015, Yard 507 – „Isaac Newton“, a sophisticated multi-purpose Vessel for the execution of various specialized maritime works which was contracted by ULJANIK Shipyard with the Luxembourg company Sofidra S.A., was launched into the sea from slipway no. 2.

With the traditional cutting of the rope, the first lady of the ceremony, Ms Rosinne Permanne, released the Vessel into the sea. Mr. Diego Bilić, project manager, stressed the fact that Uljanik has with this launching completed an entire phase of this demanding project.

“Taking into account the challenges that this project presents us with, I would like to take this opportunity to invite everybody who is working on this ship construction project to continue to invest efficiency and expertise with extra tenacity to achieve the final goals. With this attitude and approach to work we would like maintain the strong reputation of JDN as well as the Uljanik Group on the world shipbuilding market. Much knowledge and effort has been invested in this Project by both sides and we believe that the targets we have given ourselves will be achieved. I believe that with the company JAN DE NUL, with whom on previous business projects we have established a very good business relationship, collaboration and trust, we share in the satisfaction of the results achieved to date,“ concluded Bilić.

Last Thursday (5th March), His Excellency Mr. Eduard Aznar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to the Republic of Croatia visited 3. MAJ Brodogradilište. On that occasion the Ambassador met the Management Board of 3. MAJ Brodogradilište led by Mr. Domagoj Klarić.

His Excellency stressed on that occasion the positive reputation of Croatia in Spain and he also emphasized the fact that bilateral cooperation is growing stronger and stronger from year to year while there are always areas which can be additionally strengthened by collaboration, one of them certainly being the intensifying of business relationships, especially in the area of ship construction between Croatian and Spanish experts.

On 14th March 2014, Yard 505 constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the Croatian national shipping company Jadrolinija from Rijeka was launched into the sea from slipway number one.

This is the third of a series of four identical Ro-Ro passenger vessels designed for two-way direct sailing for the transportation of 600 passengers in summer months or 320 passengers in the winter period in the closed lounge. The ferries will also be able to transport 145 standard vehicles or 16 trailers of 40 tonnes each.

Leading people from Uljanik and Jadrolinija attended the launching while the first lady of the ceremony, Ms Bojana Stanisavljević, an employee of the Technical department of Jadrolinija, released the vessel into the sea with the traditional cutting of the rope.

In Uljanik, on Saturday 24th June, Hull no. 490 – “Punta”, constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the company United Shipping Service, that is Uljanik Plovidba, was launched from slipway no. 1.

This ship has been constructed for the transport of bulk cargo and has a deadweight of 52,000 tons, length 189.90 m and width 32.24 meters, with a speed of 15 knots achieved by Uljanik’s MAN 6S50MC-C7 engine generating a power of 8,600 kW at 121 rpm.

The ship was released into the sea by the traditional cutting of the rope by Miss Maša Srdić, a school-leaving student. Mr. Eduard Milovan, member of the Management Board of Uljanik emphasized among other things that we should be satisfied with the job and that the ship is at a high level of completion, with the delivery planned for autumn of this current year. “A great contribution for that can be attributed to the inspectors of the company Uljanik Plovidba to whom I would like to congratulate and thank for the good business collaboration. I would also like to thank for their help the inspectors of Croatian Ship Register and Bureau Veritas,” was concluded by Milovan.

Dragutin Pavletić, director of Uljanik Plovidba, stressed his satisfaction with the construction of four new bulk cargo ships in Uljanik.

The contract for the construction of “Punta” was signed on 28th June 2010, while the keel for same was laid on 28th October 2011. With the construction of these ships Uljanik maintains production continuity at a time when the shipbuilding industry has not yet fully recovered.