On 10th April 2015 two river barges (PN 13134,13135) for the transportation of crude petroleum and petroleum products were delivered in the shipyard 3. MAJ.

The barges, of length 59.5 m, width 16 m and with a total height of 4.6 m, will be served by special pushers.

The barges were constructed by the shipyard 3. MAJ for the Swedish company WISBY TANKERS. The barges were constructed under the supervision of the classification society BUREAU VERITAS.

Last Thursday 9th April, with the cutting of plates on Uljanik island, the production process of construction of the partially equipped hull of a self-propelled cutter suction dredger constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the Company IHC Holland B.V. has started. The Contract had been signed at the end of February of last year and the vessel will be 152 meters long and have a height of 28 meters.

A load bearing capacity of 1,650 tonnes will be achieved by the vessel with a draught of 6 meters, while the top sailing speed would be 11.5 knots. Three main engines MAN 6L48/60, each having a power of 7,200 kW, will be installed in the Vessel.

On Friday 3rd April 2015 Yard 509 – a LPG (liquid petroleum gas) barge for the transportation of liquefied gas constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the shipyard 3.MAJ, i.e. for the Swedish company Wisby Tankers AB, was launched into the sea.

The godmother at the launching was Mrs. Ester Buić, Manager of Legal Affairs, Insurance Business and Investment in the company ULJANIK Business Information Systems (PIS), who, with the cutting of the rope, launched the barge into the sea. On this occasion Mrs. Buić thanked Wisby Tankers AB and ULJANIK Shipyard for the trust shown and the opportunity given to her to take part in this significant moment when the craft and the sea touch for the first time.

On Friday 18th April 2014, as per Owner's request, the installation of the main engine in Newbuilding 502 has been celebrated in Uljanik on its island Slipway No.2. This is the second of two contracted ferries (RO-PAX) to date intended for the transport of passengers, trucks and other vehicles in the Caspian Sea area and which have been built by ULJANIK Shipyard for the State Service of Maritime and River Transportation of Turkmenistan.

In celebrating the installation of the new engine, the leading people Uljanik were joined by Mr. Akmammet Puhanov and Mr. Serdar Hajyyev of the State Service of Maritime and River Transportation of Turkmenistan.

Four barges for the transportation of crude oil and products intended for sailing by river were delivered today (Wednesday 23rd April) in the shipyard 3. MAJ Brodogradilište.

All the barges have the same characteristics; length 59.5 m, width 16 m and height 4.6 m and deadweight 2500 tonnes. Same will be serviced by special pushers. The barges were built under surveillance of the Classification Society Bureau Veritas and will sail under the Colombian flag.

On 05th April 2014, Yard 506 constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the Croatian national shipping company Jadrolinija from Rijeka was launched into the sea from slipway number one.

This is the fourth and final vessel of a series of four identical Ro-Ro passenger vessels designed for two-way direct sailing for the transportation of 600 passengers in summer months or 320 passengers in the winter period in the closed lounge. The ferries will also be able to transport 145 standard vehicles or 16 trailers of 40 tonnes each.

Apart from leading people from Uljanik and Jadrolinija, Mr Siniša Hajdaš Dončić, Minister of Maritime Affairs, also attended the launching while the first lady of the ceremony, Ms Slavica Afrić, an employee of the Marketing department of Jadrolinija, released the vessel into the sea with the traditional cutting of the rope.

In Uljanik on the 29th March, Hull No. 493 – “Taurus”, the first of two contracted Stern Trawls constructed by ULJANIK Shipyard for the Russian company CJSC “Taurus” from Murmansk, was launched. This ship has been constructed for fishing purposes, i.e. trawling and, in accordance with this, will be equipped with facilities for the processing, packing, freezing and storing of caught fish.

The first lady of the launching ceremony, the godmother of the ship, wasMs Ekaterina Kolodkina, Deputy Director for Management and Planning in theshipowner’s company who, with the traditional cutting of the rope, released theship into the sea.

Mr. Anton Brajković, President of Uljanik’s Supervisory Board with hiscollaborators, His Excellency Dr. Robert Markaryan, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republicof Croatia and Mr. Yuri Parshev, Directorof the company CJSC “Taurus” from Murmansk,were all present at the launching ceremony.