407 engine delivery

In the presence of representatives of the client Marflet Marine S.A., classification company Lloyds Register (LR) and the representatives of ULJANIK Shipyard and 3. MAJ Shipyard, on June 16th 2016, ULJANIK Diesel Engines Factory Ltd. has successfully tested all characteristics of the engine which is intended to be installed on newbuilding 723.

The manufactured engine bears the number 407 and same corresponds to type 6G50ME-B9.3 with a maximal continuous power of 7,020 kW at 85 rpm, while the first engine of the same type was tested at the end of 2015 and mounted in newbuilding 722.

The main characteristic of the G type engine is the increased stroke when compared to previous engines performance, which enables the work of the engine with a lower number of rotations and contributes to the increase of efficiency of the propeller, fuel savings and decrease of emission of harmful gases. Due to the mass of the engine corresponding to approximately 300 tones, the engine will be dismantled and dispatched in two parts by barge to the slipway of 3. MAJ Shipyard.