Newbuilding 513 launched in Pula's shipyard

On 12th November 2016 yard 513 was launched into the sea. This is the first of a series of ships constructed for the transportation of cars and heavy vehicles contracted by Uljanik shipyard with the company Auto Marine Transport INC. The vessel has 13 decks for the transportation of up to 7000 vehicles and, with a load bearing capacity of 13,370 tonnes, the vessel is 200 m long and 32 m wide. This impressive sized vessel will be driven by a M.A.N. B/W main engine with a total power of 11,200 kW at 117 rpm.

The director of Uljanik shipyard, Mr. Silvan Kranjc, welcomed all attendees gathered at the ceremony of christening of the first vessel constructed for the company SIEM CAR CARRIERS, the owner of the company, Mr. Kristian Siem, executive director Kenneth Ross and the first lady of the event – the godmother, Ms Louisa Siem, as well as the president of the management board of Uljanik Group, Mr. Gianni Rossanda, with all collaborators, valued workers and subcontractors without whom this construction would not have been possible. Mr. Kranjc congratulated all the ship constructors for the successfully realised project, and expressed good wishes that the ship serve successfully and for a long time and keep her crew safe.

He also emphasised that he appreciates the fact that we have been given once again the opportunity to prove that Uljanik is a true partner which understands and takes into account the business interests and requirements of its buyers and is ready to construct together with them top quality vessels.

Mr. Kristian Siem, director and president of the management board of SIEM Industries Inc. expressed the fact that in the last few years their Group has built more than 50 vessels and that they have had more than 50 naming ceremonies and more than 50 Godmothers. All have been well executed but he also admitted that in the father’s eyes, Louisa was the most beautiful Godmother of them all and he therefore thanks his daughter for accepting this honorable task of being the Godmother of the vessel.

“Siem Cicero”, as it has been named, is built to serve Volkswagen. Along with her future sisters this vessel incorporates new technologies which will reduce its environmental impact – including exhaust gas scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems and a lightweight structure –stated Mr. Siem who had also praised the quality of workmanship of Uljanik workers and had thank them all for efforts and devotion to the project.

“It is through everybody’s quality and skilled work that together we create a good product. Happiness can be defined as the sense of creating something and you have all been part of the process. You can be proud,” was concluded by Siems who let his daughter cut the rope and release the vessel into the sea.