Second asphalt carrier Palanca Cadiz delivered to the Swedish company WISBY TANKERS

On Wednesday 18th January 2016 a second asphalt carrier – Palanca Cadiz, constructed by the shipyard 3. MAJ, was delivered to the Swedish company WISBY TANKERS. This tanker was launched in the middle of April 2016.

The shipyard 3. MAJ has previously constructed for the same Swedish company two identical asphalt tankers having a length of 133 m, width of 23 m, of 15000 tonnes deadweight and having the main ship engine built in the 3. MAJ Engines and Cranes Factory in Rijeka. A specific feature of those ships – Hull no.’s 730 (Palanca Rio) and 731 (Palanca Cadiz), is that they have twelve independent cargo tanks designed for the transportation of asphalt, and are able to maintain the cargo temperature at 250°C. Tanks are resting on the ship structure and positioned by vertical supports and structural keys – positioners. Independent tanks have been formed on the slipway out of six big 3D blocks (mounting units) in total, with a mass of up to 300 t each.

Cooperation with the Swedish company Wisby Tankers has thus far included the construction of six asphalt tankers and 55 barges for the transportation of oil, oil products, bitumen and liquefied gas. During the launching ceremony of hull no. 731 the company’s director, Mr. Jonas Engestrom, expressed his exceptional happiness with our 5 year long shipbuilding cooperation.

It should be emphasized that our shipbuilders have shown an exceptional level of knowledge and professional skills in building this magnificent ship.