Newbuilding 500 launched in ULJANIK Shipyard

Newbuilding 500 - „Willem van Rubroeck“, a self-propelled cutter suction dredger built by Uljanik Shipyard for the Luxembourg company Jan De Nul Group, was launched into the sea on August 26th 2017 from the slipway No.2 in Pula.

On behalf of ULJANIK Group, Mr. Marinko Brgić, member of the Management Board of Uljanik, greeted all the attendees and thanked all the engineers and workers who took part in the design and building of the vessel for their effort and commitment. Along with the representatives of ULJANIK Group, the ship-owners family, representatives from Jan De Nul Group and representatives of the Bureau Veritas Croatia classification society were also present at the launching ceremony of the vessel.
Mrs. Julie De Nul, daughter of the CEO of the company, Jan Pieter De Nul, by cutting the traditional ties of the rope, has released the ship in the sea, while the naming of the ship will only take place after delivery.
The vessel, having a length 151.3m and a width of 36m, can develop a speed of 12 knots. It has installed power of 40.975 kW, three dredging pumps with a total power of 25.500 kW, two of which located in the pump room and one in the cutter ladder, and 2 retractable thrusters with a total power of 6000 kW. This vessel, the world's most powerful dredger, will have a cutter power of 8,500kW and it will be able to dredge compact sand, clay and rocks up to 45m deep, while the operation will be controlled from a central station and is almost completely automated. Also, it will be able to receive 67 crew members in a comfortable and high standard accommodation. Building of another extremely complex vessel for the Jan De Nul Group, one of the leading companies in the field of dredging, maritime and offshore works, by Uljanik as shipbuilder, is an exceptional honor, but also a great challenge.
The vessel is being built under the supervision of the Bureau Veritas Croatia classification society. It is the second this year's launching in Uljanik Shipyard, and the first open to the public.