Uljanik is building the world’s first polar discovery cruise ship

In Uljanik shipyard a luxurious polar discovery cruise ship, the first of its kind, is under construction on Slipway No. 1.

SCENIC ECLIPSE, a super-luxury vessel that will be able to accommodate 409 people including crew members, will sail on all seas and is especially equipped for polar and tropical areas. It is specially "strengthened" to navigate in harsh weather conditions and frozen seas, and satisfies the requirements of high environmental standards. It offers, among other things, a mini submarine for underwater adventures and even two helicopters for exploring otherwise unreachable areas.
It is the first cruise ship of this type in the world, but also the first to be built in Uljanik in its long history. Uljanik JSC signed the contract for this technically challenging project with one of the companies of the Scenic Group, and we present the statement of its owner Mr. Glen Moroney below:
„Scenic Group has signed the building contract for one polar discovery cruise ship with the shipyard Uljanik in November 2015. Although this is the first cruise ship that will be built in Uljanik, Scenic has decided to take the challenge and start the collaboration with Uljanik. Such decision has been taken after careful examination of engineering capabilities of the shipyard. Uljanik has in recent years built a respectable number of special ships, has a long tradition in shipbuilding and is well known for good workmanship. This is the first ocean-going cruise ship in the Scenic fleet and this is the first cruise ship being built in Uljanik. We believe these facts have created a kind of challenge for all participants in this project and have brought enthusiastic atmosphere. Good collaboration and synergy of Uljanik and Scenic teams will bring this beautiful polar discovery cruise ship in service in 2018. Building contract for one more cruiser of the same type is in preparation“.

When completed, the vessel will be 165.70 meters in length, 21.50 m wide and will be able to reach a speed of 17 knots. The number of passengers is limited to 237, with 172 crew members. The ship is intended for the highest class of passengers who will enjoy 114 luxuriously equipped cabins, while there will be 138 no less luxurious crew cabins.
Take a look at the Scenic Eclipse promotional video in our video gallery.

Scenic Eclipse video
Scenic Eclipse