Uljanik shipyard is celebrating 160 years of its existence and work. Uljanik, which nowadays unites shipyards from Pula and Rijeka, will meet this significant anniversary with business worth one billion euro. With 21 ships in the Order Book for delivery in 2018, over the past two years Uljanik shipyard has been one of the strongest shipyards in the world. This is Uljanik and the Group today.

The story of Pula’s shipyard is actually a story of innovation. Submarines were constructed in the Austro-Hungarian period. In the ‘70s the shipbuilders from Pula were engaged in a world scale undertaking. They had developed a technique of the construction of a hull in two separate parts which were then subsequently joined in the sea and the result of that was the tanker “Kanchenjunga”, the biggest ship ever constructed on the Croatian side of the Adriatic. “Kanchenjunga”, delivered by Uljanik in 1975, was 335 m long, 52 m wide, 28 m high and had a deadweight of 277,120 tonnes. Today, 40 years later, Uljanik is one of the few shipyards in the world that may be cited for the construction of complex and expensive dredgers. Long-term collaboration with one of the leading companies for underwater construction works, the Belgian company Jan De Nul, has resulted in one of the most powerful dredgers in the world, with an installed power of 40 megawatts, is currently being built in Uljanik.

On Friday 25th September 2016 cutting of black metallurgy for yard 530 started in Uljanik.

This project involves the construction of the most expensive vessels ever constructed in Uljanik as well as the first such project with these specific characteristics ever contracted. The contract has been signed with the Australian company Scenic in November 2015 and, once constructed, the vessel will be able to transport 240 passengers and 172 crew members.

In the presence of representatives of the orderer, classification society Lloyds Register as well as shipyard 3. MAJ, the engine intended for yard 732, the first vessel of a series constructed for the orderer Algoma Central Corporation, has been successfully tested on the test bed of 3. MAJ MID (3. MAJ Engine and Cranes).

The engine tested is engine type 5RT Flex 50-D number 30732, Tier II, with a maximum continuous power of 7,100 kW at 101.7 rpm.