First lady of the launching

At 11.30am on Friday 29 January Yard 722, which was constructed by 3.MAJ Shipyard for the Spanish company MARFLET MARINE, was launched. On behalf of ULJANIK Group, the Director of 3.MAJ Shipyard Mr. Domagoj Klarić greeted those present and thanked all project engineers, engineers and workers for the successful collaboration on the project and construction of the tanker as well as for all their efforts and cooperation.

The launching operation was successfully carried out under the direction of the launch director, Mr. Željko Vučković. Fr. Luka Lučić blessed the ship and crew for calm seas, while the first lady of the launching Ms. Ana Tišlerić, an employee in the position of a constructor – project engineer, with the cutting out the rope wished the ship PANAGIA THALASSINI calm seas and happy sailing.

In November 2015, a contract for the construction of a luxury cruise ship, designed to sail anywhere in the world and especially in polar and tropical waters, was signed in Pula’s shipyard with the Australian company Scenic.

This project joints a very small group of such expensive ships to be constructed in Croatia and the first contracted with such characteristics

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